Caffe Allora was established in 2003 by owner and chef Paolo Parrilli. Born and raised in Northern Italy, he relocated to Portland in 1989 and started cooking to recreate the familiar flavors of his home country.  Allora was conceived somewhat by accident, "non e state colpa mia" or "it wasn't my fault" has been our motto for years. Originally opened as coffee/wine bar, the caffe slowly evolved into a full service restaurant as customers grew increasingly hungry for more.  So, the fault is yours, all of our loyal customers, that we are here today doing what we do and love. Grazie mille! 

We strive to deliver a classic menu of simple Italian dishes paired with fine Italian wines. Italian cooking, at it's heart, is about simplicity and heavily reliant on quality ingredients. Therefore, we source only the freshest local produce, fish and meat, as well as fine imported Italian specialties.  With a large menu of rotating daily and seasonal specials, our aim is to always keep you wanting more. Check out our intsagram account or Facebook page to see what we are cooking up today! BUON APPETITO